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hello world

I can't believe I haven't updated this thing in over a year. its nice look back on all that's happened since the last entry. I got closer to everyone, I've done well in all my classes, I got to be best friends with Lauren and Felecia. I ended up not liking Krysten so much and Cheri and I had our ups and downs and still do. Krysten ended up getting kicked out of school and Cheri moved out of Smithdeal so I get a break from her. Mitchy and I live together in the big corner room 453 right next to Lauren. Felecia married Rodney and moved our to his grandmas old house in Portsmouth. Lauren lives with a girl from Massachusetts. At the beginning of this year we met Emily and Judy and we all became fast friends. Brandon and Ryan are still hanging out with us but they aren't exactly best friends any more. They can't seem to agree on religion and its kind of come between them. I changed my major to comm/journalism. I had a religious studies minor for a semester but I dropped that. I started to write for the paper news and now opinion but I have my eye on arts and entertainment to be honest. I'm hoping to get an internship at the Eastern Shore News this summer. The summer was great I worked at the T raiding Company and spent a lot of time at the beach while Levi surfed.
Levi and I are still together. He's leaving for school in Ohio in February then he's talking about movie to Ocean City with Derek. I'm starting to see our future come together. We've been together for almost three years.It's strange to see things change around me. Josh moved out of the house and lives in Richmond with Josh Pruitt, and Jay. Tricia is marrying Vince in July. The Holidays have been different this year. They've felt strange. I guess its just part of me getting older. I can't believe I'm about to turn 21.
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